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Design/Build Custom Home Experiences Are Better

Design Construction Services, LLC began as a small custom home building venture in 1988. Even today, over 1,000 designed and built homes later, the Principals of Design Construction maintain the position in all of their communities that each Buyer – irrespective of the budget for the home – deserves the same attention to design detail, commitment to quality and homebuilding management, individualized attention and great value.

Many of Design’s custom home Purchasers have built inside of award-winning communities developed by the firm throughout the area. Others have engaged with Design on their own homesite. Either way, Design Construction provides expertise in dealing with land contours, utilities, well and septic sites versus those with water and sewer – integrating all of these peculiar issues in a comprehensive budget.

When custom building with Design Construction Purchasers should expect a unique approach where the design of the custom home is actually designed and drawn by one of the Principals of the construction firm. Why would it be important for the builder to be the designer? The designer/builder can think globally about the custom home and can blend each lifestyle concern to an appropriate total budget figure. Custom home purchasers usually want advice from the builder to determine the most cost effective path to accomplish interior and exterior finishes and details. During pre-design meetings the floorplan structure is discussed congruent with desired materials such as windows, cabinetry, flooring and built-ins. Customers can be advised when they are under- or over-estimating the value of features that are important to them. Helping the customer prioritize space relationships, material stipulations and details will keep budget constraints from being exceeded. Consequently, working with a designer/builder can make the process much more efficient. And Better.

Awards and accolades have been many. Design Construction understands that recognition comes as a result of a commitment to create a higher level of professionalism, provide a better quality product and create a greater level of customer satisfaction. It’s how Better Homes Begin Here. We believe you’ll recognize the difference our commitment makes.

Thank you for your continued work and effort on this project. We are so excited to see it come together. Our schedule here has not allowed us to get back with you as fast as we would hope. We apologize for that and appreciate your patience with us.